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Thoughts about The Market

Predictions are flying about what to expect from the 2022 housing market. Here is a concise article from Bankrate on the 2022 National Market Outlook and anticipated trends. The five summary points in the article are: 

1) Interest rates will be going up

2) Price appreciation may be slowing in some areas and some markets

3) Affordability remains a challenge nationally

4) iBuyers continue but not as aggressive

5) Latino home buying gains momentum

Our Gulf Coast market typically behaves a bit differently than the national market because we are a destination and resort market with many second homes and coastal vacation rental investments. However, it's always good to watch the national trends and compare them to…

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It's something we've all thought about, but only a lucky few actually go through with it. Now that summer's rolling around, the thought of investing in a vacation home has probably crossed your mind yet again. Maybe you wish you could drop everything and head to the beach without planning your accommodations. Maybe you're looking for another source of income — but you're limited on time. Or perhaps you're thinking of retiring in a few years and want to save up so you can relocate to a stunning coastal location. Whatever your reason, you should know that buying a second home doesn't have to be a far-off dream. That being said, you should be informed before making the decision, and you should conduct your home search equipped with the right knowledge —…

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Windemere Condos In Perdido Key, FL

WindemereWindemere Condominiums in Perdido Key, Florida recently underwent a massive renovation. This development has been provided a major facelift to the tune of over $5,000,000, and virtually every inch of Windemere has been upgraded and brought to the highest of building standards. At the same time, because of the addition of hurricane protective materials, such as windows, and doors, reduced insurance costs for owners led to a thirty percent reduction in condo dues as of January 2014. 

New And Improved

As part of Windemere’s renovation, all windows and exterior doors were replaced with “missile-proof” products intended to withstand heavy wind and storms, while the entire stucco exterior was refurbished and…

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Condo Buying Tips

If you're planning to buy a condo in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores, Alabama, there are certainly many fantastic options to choose from! Each building will have a different combination of recreational amenities and features, its own unique views, and various degrees of waterfront and beach access. If you are downsizing or retiring, or maybe buying a condo as a rental investment property, here are a few important things to know and review as a smart condo buyer! 

1. The most important thing when buying a condo is to read and understand the condo association by-laws, covenants, restrictions, and regulations. You will be provided a copy of the "condo docs" to review as a buyer. These are the be-all and end-all when it comes to life in a…

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